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Relationship Rewind PDF Download Free

Relationship Rewind PDF Download FreeIn this nerdtastic entry, I’m going to be doing a Relationship Rewind review. This is a recent product put out by a guy named Ryan Rivers. The whole point of Relationship Rewind is to help you get back with either an ex-partner (girlfriend, or boyfriend), or with a short-term friend whom feelings for you used to be that of love and desire.

Even though you’re 100% compatible with the man that you’re with, sustaining a joyful and strong relationship can require a little work.

Whenever you spend lots of time with somebody, it does not matter how close you’re with one another, it’s inevitable that you both will confront issues and clash on several different things from now and then.

These issues are considerably simpler to beat and never really having to fret about any imbalance of power, status, or significance in these types of relationships, as it pertains to roommates, relatives and close friends. Your close friends are almost always common, your roommates are in the exact same situation as well as your relatives are bonded by blood.

Your problems with these folks often only fix themselves!

In regards to relationship, one argument or action can range from being only a small bump in the street, to a “downward spiral” that keeps pushing the two of you further and further apart.

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The basic premise of Relationship Rewind is “rewind” your partners mind. Relationship Rewind is going to teach you how to understand the straightforward dynamics of a relationship. That way you can instantly identify problems as they arise, along with the consequence they’re actually having on your own relationship. Then, consequently, you can properly handle those difficulties to put everything straight back in the proper path.

Understanding the system perhaps not only allows one to ‘reverse’ the faults you’ve made with regards to managing the dynamics of your relationship, but also teaches you to truly understand when some thing might be going Wrong; to help you easily and rapidly reverse it. Which is something which could have been prevented from damaging the entire fabric of the relationship.

The Relationship Rewind system is additionally the first and only system that recognizes the four periods in every relationship and the way it plays into the relationship decay process. For each one of these strategies, there’s another approach needed, which means there is NO general ‘one-size-fits all’ strategy for several situations.

The great news for you personally is, no matter how unique your situation is… you will end up able to spot those four stages and know IN which to begin the Relationship Rewind procedure. No matter what stage within the relationship dysfunction you’re at, Relationship Rewind presents three simple steps that will get your relationship back on the Correct path again. Each of these measures have a tailored approached based on which stage you’re in.

Warning: Don’t Unlock This If You Want Your Ex Back…

…this advice is so effective, you’ll forget you’re missing your ex.

Step 1

This is a crucial step in the Relationship Rewind system, but I’m sure you’re wondering if it really is possible to ‘Rewind’ your partners mind? Yes, it is possible. Because if someone has felt certain emotions before then they will be able to feel the same emotions again. You just have to know how to elicit those emotions.

Nerd Wisdom: If someone never had attraction towards you in the first place, you won’t be able to rewind them. The person you’re trying to get back with, needs to have had level of attraction for you, or still has some attraction for you.

With the Relationship Rewind system you’ll be able to recognize when your partner no longer has the same amount of attraction for you, as you do for them. Of course, your partners attraction for you can change, which is covered in Step 3. Which is also something I talk about further down in this Relationship Rewind review!

There are plenty of fish in the sea

Obviously, no program, including Relationship Rewind can guarantee that you’ll get back together with your ex. So I bet your wondering if there’s ever a stage where its too late?

Nop, even when a relationship reaches the final stage in which Rivers calls, “Death’s Door”, you still have a chance. No situation is impossible, its always better to have tried, and failed. Then to have never tried at all, at least then you’ll no for sure that your relationship wasn’t meant to be.

This system is like any skill, once mastered it’s easy to apply the 3-step system to any situation. No matter how specific.

Nerd Wisdom: Even if you’re unable to get your ex back, you may feel sad, but that’s OK. As stupid as it sounds, feeling sad lets you know you’re alive!

Simple Stage Solver

Below I’ve given you a “sneak peak” to a little diagram inside the Simple Stage Solver chapter. Its a diagram of the different 4 stages in every relationship decay. It’s a spectrum of being in a “perfect” relationship, to the worst case situation of being broken up.

The goal of this section in the Relationship Rewind system is to help you identify exactly which stage you are in, and how you got there. Then you’ll implement steps 2, and 3 into your life to get your relationship back into the bliss stage.

Relationship Rewind  Stages

You’ll be given a description of each of the 4 stages, of what they are, signs you’re in that stage. This isn’t the part what you learn what to do, its just a primer for you to identify what stage you’re in.


When you’re in Bliss, you certainly know it.


Switch is easy to notice because you’ll see a distinct change in your partner’s behavior.


When your partner breaks up with you, or severely reduces that time spent with you.


Death’s Door is the point when your partner has received positive support regarding his or her decision to move on.

Can you say “Typo!”

Now in the diagram above you can see it clearly says SHIFT, but now by the image below you can clearly say it says SWITCH. I don’t believe this is a mistake on my end, because in the DRIFT chapter they frequently mention Switch. Never stating SHIFT once.

Switch Typo

Real Reason Reveal

First off, WOW! There is a LOT of reasons why your partner could lose interest in you. 15 real reasons are revealed, and what I really liked is that. if you took all the reasons why your partner may lose interest in you, and turned it into a mini “self-help” program your life would seriously improve.

Seriously, all these reasons will either improve your life, or your relationship. This is one of my favorite parts of Relationship Rewind!


I believe that this is a good system. I would have like to seen some more texting involved like in Text Your Ex Back.

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16out of 5
Value For Money
16out of 5
Customer Service
20out of 5
16out of 5


One of the better systems that will help you get back with your ex. Nothing is perfect but it is worth a try.


4.2 out of 5

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